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Places to Visit in Chichester on Minibus Tours

Chichester offers a wide variety of things to do and places to see; whether you love the beach or the country. A minibus hire in Chichester is a great way to tour the region, especially when travelling as a group. Do you want to see some historical monuments in Chichester or have fun as a family then enjoy some local cuisine? Are you looking to shop for souvenirs? A Chichester minibus can make it easier to accomplish all these. What are some of the fun tours that you can take when in Chichester?

Visit the Country

Goodwood has a few places to see when visiting the Chichester countryside. You can take a minibus ride to the Goodwood Aerodrome and see some WWII aircraft like Hurricanes and Spitfires flying around. The group can stop at the Goodwood House, a magnificent stately Estate that has housed the Dukes of Richmond for over 300 years. For some natural wonder, the 140-acre Marwell zoo is home to various exotic animal species. There family-friendly trails to trek and see some pygmy hippos, giraffes and zebras.

Visit the Coast

A Chichester minibus tour of the coast is a must-have in your itinerary because it presents many sightseeing opportunities. Besides enjoying water activities like surfing, kiteboarding and boating, the coast region has several museums that carry a wealth of heritage. The Mary Rose Museum, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Explosion – Museum of Naval Firepower and the National Museum of the Royal Navy are just a few examples.

Visit the City

Touring the city in a minibus is convenient and stress-free, particularly with a trained driver. The Chichester Cathedral is the most notable architectural attraction to see. For an archaeological tour, the Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens is the ultimate stop. Take a Chichester minibus tour to the South Downs Planetarium for one of its public shows.

Make your Chichester visit one to remember with several minibus tours to local attractions.

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