Birthdays - Chichester Minibus

No matter where you are hosting your birthday, contact us. Whether its at a nightclub, a park, a spa or a sports club, Chichester Minibus Hire is here to assist. We promise that you can trust us not to ruin your birthday. Instead, bank your faith in us, because we are the leading transport providers in the region for a reason.

When is the birthday party? With us, it does not matter whether the birthday is being celebrated at a night in a club, during the day with children or in the morning as brunch. Chichester Minibus company will still pick up all the guests from the collection pints and bring them safely to the party.

Some interesting party venues for adults are; La Havana, Chichester City Club and Blues on the Farm. We also offer transfers to children's party venues like Party Gaming, Harbour Park and Artful Pottery Café.

No other company in Chichester or the nearing areas can match the quality of our services. We have been in operation for more than a decade, making us the most experienced transfer company in Chichester. Over the years, we have continually improved our vehicles and service delivery, to maximise client satisfaction.

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01243 915003

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