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Our Chichester minibus hire company was established in 1996 and is now well over two decades old. Over the years, we have sustained our position as the number one group transportation provider in the region. The reasons for our success are many, but the underlying foundation of all our initiatives is our approach of placing the customer first in everything we do.

We constantly innovate to stay abreast of the time. For instance, we replace our vehicles at regular intervals, and in any case before the vehicle is six years old. The frequent churn of our fleet is one of our strategic business tactics, through which we are able to deliver the latest and the best vehicles to our customers while reducing our operating costs through improved mileage. All our vehicles are the latest models from top-end manufacturers such as Iveco, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Renault.

Likewise, we invest in training and motivating our drivers, customer support agents, and other staff, to ensure they work at their productive best, and also go all out to delight their customers.

Another key strength of our Chichester minibus hire service is our fleet size. We deploy a large fleet, with several numbers of 8-seaters, 12-seaters, 14-seaters, 16-seaters, 24-seaters, 33-seaters, 49-seaters, and 72-seater vehicles. The large fleet allows us to actualise a high volume low margin business strategy, wherein we deliver high-quality vehicles and service, at the lowest prices.

We offer the lowest rates, with very transparent and open pricing policy. We add to the value by offering a highly flexible service. Our clients have the absolute freedom to pick their own itinerary and change it at will. Such flexibility is very useful for nights out trips, sightseeing trips, and more, when your group may follow where your heart desires. The billing is on a flat per-kilometre basis.


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Southgate House, Chichester, PO19 8EG

01243 915003

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