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Chichester Minibus

Chichester is a small beautiful town that is situated at the foot of South Downs. Around it, you will find a magnificent countryside, fishing villages, beautiful beaches and historical attractions. There are numerous delights that can be accessed by foot, including a theatre where you will always find a megastar dance, a cathedral that is almost 1,000 years old and different traditional shopping streets. There are definitely many reasons for you to visit Chichester. If you are touring the town for the first time and don’t know how to get around, don’t worry as Chichester Minibus has you covered. We understand the difficulties involved in making travel arrangements, especially when in a foreign city. There are many things that we can offer to make your stay in the city very enjoyable. Some of them include the following.

Airport Transfers

If you are coming by plane, Chichester Minibus will be at the airport, waiting to drive you to your hotel. Regardless of what time your plane lands, we will not fail to pick you up. We have a broad range of vehicles to choose from, depending on the number of persons you are travelling with. From taxis, minibuses to coaches, we have a vehicle for everyone’s needs. Also, we work 24 hours a day and thus, you will never get stranded at the airport even for a minute. Let us ensure you get to your hotel comfortably and safely as we understand long trips can be quite exhausting. The best part is that you will not get charged extra if your flight gets delayed.

Minibus with Driver

Although some people prefer to hire a vehicle and drive themselves around, there are many benefits that come with hiring a driven minibus. Firstly, all our drivers are qualified and possess extensive experience. They all go through all-encompassing training to ensure they are conversant with Chichester and its neighbours. These drivers are also very courteous and professional. They will ensure our journey is as comfortable as it can get. Their friendly nature also means that if you are travelling alone, you won’t find the journey boring as they will engage you in a friendly conversation.

Since they have in-depth knowledge of the town, they will identify the best routes to avoid traffic and get you to your destination in the shortest possible time. Also, if you are not sure of what to do while in Chichester, they will be more than ready to inform you of where to find all the tourist attractions.

Luxury Coaches

We know how valuable privacy and comfort are when it comes to travelling. This is why we have a fleet of luxury coaches to meet all your needs. These coaches are fitted with all the modern amenities that will make your trip more enjoyable. The luggage space is big enough to accommodate all bags and leave you enough room to relax too. Our coaches have ample leg space where you can stretch and relax as you listen to some sweet music from our CD entertainment system. In case you are going for a long trip, our coaches have satellite navigation to keep you informed on how far you are from your destination.

The vehicles also come with separate heating systems to keep you warm in the chilly weather. We also have wine coolers from where you can get a cold glass of wine to help you wind down as you watch our big plasma screens. All these facilities are meant to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Being in such a vehicle, you will even forget that you are on the road as they also come with curtains and reclining seats that can be adjusted for you to get a nap.

Such vehicles are also a great way to getting you to your destination in style. Surprise your friends or get to your corporate meeting in style. You can also hold a video conference while on your way to ensure you don’t waste a single moment.

Day Trips

If you have gone to Chichester on holiday, there are a lot of things and places you can visit during the day. Let our drivers take you to some of them. These include:

Chichester Festival Theatre- this is one of the biggest theatres in the UK that is well-known for the extravagantly high standard productions on offers. Also, it welcomes the young and the community to work with them. If you fancy theatres, this is the place to visit while in Chichester.

Shopping- if you love shopping, Chichester is a great place to do just that as it is littered with high-end boutiques and exquisite street shops where you can buy anything you want. Let our drivers take you to these shopping destinations.

Music and art festivals- Chichester has numerous art and music festivals that happen all year round. Let our drivers take you where the action is as there is always a concert taking place in the city. Go and dance your shoes off and have the time of your life.

Sports Arena- Chicester is known for cricket, racing, rugby and hockey clubs. Here you will find rowdy fans having the time of their lives. Let our drivers take you to one of these events where the adrenaline rush is the order of the day. The drivers will patiently wait and take you back to your hotel later on. If you choose to attend another event, they can also take you there.

Fun activities- the rural parts of the South Downs is very beautiful and ideal for walking, horse-riding, cycling or hot air ballooning. If you choose to do a more relaxing activity, visit their magnificent historic towns where you can enjoy antique fairs or just have a cup of coffee with your friends in their cafes.


Are you planning to hold a wedding in this city? Well, let Chichester Minibus take care of all your travel needs. We will transport all your wedding guests to the venue on time. Our drivers will even pick them from the airport before driving them to where the wedding is taking place. Let us know whether they are travelling together or have to be picked from different spots before coming to the venue.

These are just some of the many things that Chichester Minibus can help you accomplish while in this town. Get in touch with us for an unbeatable quote.

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